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As stressful as it may be to have to get your roof inspected, it is highly recommended that you get your roof inspected at least two times a year. Weather conditions can drastically affect your roof and create damages that you may not be able to see. Professional roof inspectors are trained to look for damages that can be easily overlooked and it is important to address those damages before they destroy the integrity of your home.

The way the inspection works is a professional will come out to your home and complete an interior and exterior inspection. On the interior, we will look for any signs of moisture or mold, we'll make sure the insulation is functioning correctly, and we'll make sure there is proper ventilation. On the exterior, we will look for potential leaks and examine the state of your shingles and flashing. If you have a chimney on your home, we will inspect that too.

Our interior and exterior inspections are thorough and we do not overlook any detail regarding your roof. It is important to us that we do our most attentive inspection so that you always have the best functioning roof possible. Once the inspection is over, if we find any damages, we will come up with the necessary plan to fix them. We will talk to you about what we found and make sure that you are on the same page as we are before we begin any repairs. The most common problems we may come across during a roof inspection are leaks, mold, rotting, damaged gutters, damaged shingles, and structural problems.

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It is possible for you to find damages to your roof on your own, so if you notice anything wrong with your roof, you can schedule an inspection so we can get our  roofing professionals out to your property to make sure there are no other issues with your roof. We will complete any repairs as soon as possible because we don’t want you to have to worry about how safe your own home or other building is for its inhabitants. Our professional roofers are entirely dedicated to keeping your roof in its best shape at all times so we don’t want to leave you with a damaged roof, worried about your safety.

All of our roof inspections are done by trained professionals who care deeply about the wellbeing of you and your property. You can remain stress-free while working with Palm Beach roofers knowing that we care about you and your roof. We never want to overlook anything and we are always motivated to do more than is expected of us. Our guarantee is that you will be satisfied with our services before, during, and after the work is done.

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Want to arrange for regular inspections? Contact us and we can work together to determine the best frequency of inspection for your needs. Our inspection process is always stress-free and fast so we won’t be a burden on your daily life.

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Our roofers in  are professionals at working with asphalt shingles. If you ever have any questions regarding the shingles, our roofers can answer them. We proudly provide roofing services that include installing shingles or replacing old or damaged shingles. No matter what your individual need is, we can provide you with the service that is best for you.



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