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Vinyl Soffit and Trim

There is more to your roof than just the surface. On most buildings, especially on houses, roofs are built to extend beyond the walls of the building. This keeps water and other elements from eroding against the exterior walls. There has to exist something between the roof and the exterior walls to keep your home protected from outside forces, and this is where your soffit and fascia come into play. Soffit is designed to allow heat to escape from your attic space while still keeping outside forces like water and bugs from entering your home.

Soffit paneling and the trim/fascia boards that hold everything in place are built to be less durable than the rest of your roof. This is because it is protected by the rest of your roof – the shingles and paneling of your roof keep the soffit protected from forces coming from above. The most common material that makes up the soffit and fascia that we use is vinyl. Vinyl is resistant to most outside forces and it is affordable to repair and install. Vinyl paneling can be compared to another common type of paneling, PVC. Vinyl is significantly cheaper but it functions just as well. Normally, the fascia holds the soffit and trim in place without issues using what’s called a J and F channel. Even wind usually won’t blow it away. However, over time, it is possible that

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Repair services to fix issues with your soffit and trim are available at Palm Beach County Roofing. No matter how big or small the damages are, our Palm Beach County roofers would be happy to assist you in fixing these damages. As soon as you notice damages in your soffit or trim, contact us and we can schedule a time for our installation experts to analyze the damage and fix everything.

Roof installation in Palm Beach County can install soffit, fascia, and trim with ease. The process is done professionally and efficiently. If you need a complete roof installation, roofing can provide you with all aspects of the installation. You have different color and style options to choose from – we want you to have the roof of your dreams so we try to let you control all the decision making in this process.

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When you choose an all-in-one local roofing company, you know that you’re going to get a great finished product. We’re a true locally owned and operated company, and we strive to serve our community the best that we can. Rather than calling in a discount company from another city, you could have the best in Palm Beach County roofing service your home or business. Call today to schedule your best quality roofing contractors.



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